Web Content Management

Content management systems provide an easy solution for managing and maintaining the content of internet and intranet pages (Typo3 CMS , Joomla! CMS , Drupal CMS). Various elements such as text, paragraphs, pictures, links, and downloads etc. can be generated, edited and then added to a particular page.

The editor does not have to deal with the frame design or with general functions of the website, e.g. the main navigation. Those functions can be defined with so-called templates, thereby clearly separating the appearance and the functions of the page from the actual, technical content. This separation allows for user-friendly input on the one hand together with a technical, high-quality implementation of functionalities and a professional appearance of the resulting web page on the other.

The content management systems that we provide (Typo3 CMS , Joomla! CMS , Drupal CMS) are web-based and can be accessed with any browser, as is the case for conventional web pages. Extra software is not needed; internet provided, the systems can be accessed in the normal way.

All essential functions of a CMS are provided, like management of the page structure, metadata and actual content editing via a WYSIWYG interface. Furthermore, functions for multimedia files, pictures, movies, PDF documents and so forth are included/available.

The choice of a content management system for a web application is a decision that has consequences spanning several years. It is therefore important to have a detailed approach as to the requirements of the web application. This way a suitable CMS can be found which guarantees the long-term functioning of the application and leaves scope for future enhancements.


One of our core competencies is the development and implementation of systems for online-shopping (Magento shop system, xt:commerce shop system). Besides implementing such systems, we place special emphasis on their integration with existing corporate operational processes. At the same time, various, existing, ERP systems like merchandisemanagement and stock-control software often play an essential role in corporate workflows. A smooth and reliable operation can only be guaranteed if the individual systems(Magento shop system, xt:commerce shop system) are seamlessly integrated. By using standard software like xtCommerce or Magento, compatibility with a multitude of other applications can be assured from the outset.

E-mail & Mobile Marketing

In the age of spam, e-mail contact with customers has become a sensitive topic. Only relevant, personalised messages that are exactly tailored to particular circles of customers get noticed and read. It is therefore essential for an intelligent e-mail marketing campaign to analyse the client’s data in an effective manner.

We develop solutions in close collaboration with our clients. By using newsletters tailored for specific customer segments – in language they understand – and individual handling of orders, personalised and effective communication can be guaranteed – with customers and interested parties as well as with partners and suppliers.

Finally, mobile marketing is more recent than the field of e-mail marketing and in many respects it allows us to address the customer more specifically. The possibilities to utilise mobile marketing are diverse, which range from sending message-based advertisements or vouchers to using SMS reminders as part of a booking system. Mobile marketing is of increasing importance in the world of modern marketing; we offer applications in this field as stand-alone solutions or as an integrated part of more encompassing ones.